S360 AC and DC output Portable Power Bank


AC and DC output power supply power station 42000mAh lithium battery portable power bank

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Product Description

AC and DC output Portable Power Bank 

MULTIFUNCTION & PORTABLE POWER Bank: comes with 1*220V AC outlet , 3*DC outlets, 3*USB ports, 5 LED lights indicator. It can charge USB/5V, DC/12V and AC appliances anywhere

HIGH CAPACITY: 42000mAh high capacity, powerful enough to charge smartphones up to 20+ times, tablets,  laptops, TVs, mini-refrigerator or other household electronics (AC output MAX 100 Watts continuous)

SAFETY GUARANTEED: we use a top quality Battery Management System (BMS) to improve Battery utilisation, prevent over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature, and prolong battery life

A convenient handle and robust shell make it easier and safer and take it along for your day-to-day needs

RECHARGING OPTIONS: quickly refuel from home wall outlet with included charger or sun with any compatible solar panel (not included)

A high-density lithium-ion battery allows a more compact build 

Whether you are Fishing, Cycling, Hiking, Climbing, Caving, heading for the Beach or Festival, whenever and wherever you need a convenient power supply this robust, light but powerful unit does the job.


Built-in Multi-Safety Protections


1.Built in High Power Density Lithium ion Batteries

2 Up to 155Wh Battery power

3.AC Modified SineWave output

4.Up to 100W AC continuous output

5.Triple DC outputs, Up to 180W power for car kits, Lamps, fans,etc.,

6.Triple USB outputs, total output is up to 6A. Charge 3 smart devices at a time.

7.Built-in ultra bright LED flashlight.

8.Protection including: Short-circuit,Overload,Over temperature proof etc.,


Design :Compact Case

Dimensions :195*90*171

Weight :1.6kg

Built-in Battery:High Quality LiPolymer Batteries

Input Charging :DC15V/2A  

Solar Panel Input:12V~20V/2.5A Max

Fully Charged Time:DC:7~8 hours

AC Output:1 x AC Modified  Sine Wave Output max 100 watts continuous

AC Continous Ouput:100W

Bulb Type:Ultr a Bright LED Light Panel

Operation temperature range: -10℃-40℃

Lifecycle:500 times

Weight1.6 kg
Dimensions33 × 25 × 12 cm

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